The purpose of gutters is simply to drain rainwater. Very handy during the rainy season. In our product range we have gutters from the Nicoll brand. Nicoll gutters are made of an exclusive ultra-resistant composite material that is the result of the work of the laboratory and the Nicoll Research & Development pool: TECHTAN®.

100% recyclable, the TECHTAN® has a 30-year warranty, an industry first for a composite material. Nicoll gutters in TECHTAN® are made in France.

  • 01
    3 colors available: white, beige and grey.
  • 02
    Very high hydraulic performance.
  • 03
    The most UV-resistant ranges on the market: natural and artificial aging tests.
  • 04
    Impact and deformation resistant profiles and fittings.
  • 05
    Unalterable hooks with high load resistance.
  • 06
    Excellent integration into the building: studied with architects and designers, colors, materials and shapes harmonize with the building and follow trends.

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