Pipes & Fittings

Besides copper there are many other options for your water tab installation. Let us help you choose the best option.

Beanninger PP-R

Pipes and Fittings made of PP-R for the environmental friendly supply of drinking water. Compared to PE, PP-R has higher rigidity, particularly in the upper temperature range. The high resistance to chemicals and good long-term properties compared to many other materials, even at high temperatures, are characteristic for PP-R.

  • 01
    PP-R (Polypropylene-Random-Copolymerisate) with high molecular weight and high-heat stabilised, RAL 6017 May green
  • 02
    1. DIN EN ISO 15874 2. DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water Applications) 3. Corresponds to the KTW recommendation of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA)
  • 03
    Good resistance to chemicals Weather resistant Excellent processing
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    Joining methods
    Heating element socket welding Heating coil socket welding Heating element butt welding
How to attach a pipe to a fitting

The Socket Welding Machine is for sale and also for rent. The rent is Naf.100 per day with Naf.200 deposit. For the complete technical manual, download the PDF.

Multitubo System
  • Choose for Fast & Easy: Metal Push Fitting
    The Multitubo system Metal-Push-Fitting is our fastest and most effective fitting. No matter if it is a new project or a repair, the strength of the push-Fitting and the ease of its installation even in narrow spaces means it offers incredible project flexibility. Easy to install; no pressing tools are needed!
  • Choose for Budget Friendly: Metal Press Fitting
    With this option you get the most bang for your buck. Tools for pressing are needed. This can be done with a Manual Pressing Tool (for sale) or a Battery Pressing Tool (for sale and for rent. The rent is Naf.100 per day with a Naf.500 deposit).
  • The Pipe
    Multi-layer pipes – a compound of high-class-materials – are the most popular pipes in the sanitary- and heating-installations in the trend-setting market Europe. Practically all advantages of a modern material: fully balanced between its highest operating performance and it's environmental compatibility due to an economical resource management.

Highest material quality: With an experience of more than 25 years in producing overlapped welded multi-layer pipes MULTITUBO systems is holding a pipe which safety-resource isone of the highest worldwide.

Highest material safety: Selected raw materials and a long experience in production guarantee the top quality of a technical perfected product. The pipe offers a high load capacity at tmax 95°C and pmax 10 bar (at 70°C according to the DVGW-regulations) for daily use.

Simple bendability: The standard diameters up to 25mm can be easily bent without any tools. The bending-springs provide exact roundings at narrow bending radii.

               Advantages like metal-pipes:

  • Absolutely oxygen tight because of the welded aluminium pipe.
  • Form stable, no spring back forces.
  • Low thermal length expansion.

              Advantages like plastic pipes:

  • No deposits because of the smooth inside wall.
  • No corrosion because of the high chemical resistance.
  • Low weight.
  • Mounting
    For all MULTITUBO systems connections the pipe must be cut right-angled and bevelled. Push pipe into the fitting, finished!
  • The Tools
    The topic TOOLS must not be the crucial factor for the decision which systems should be used for installations. Thus we have always been of the opinion to use existing tools as much as possible. So our pressing-jaws are compatible with many adequate pressing machines, available in the market. Only when it comes to fulfil the required tolerances our product specific tools must be used.

Pipe Cutter and Pipe Cutting Tool: To cut the requested pipe length right-angled the Pipe Cutter up to dim. 20 mm and the Pipe Cutting Tools up to dim. 75 mm are available.

Bevelling Tool: Ergonomically designed, the Bevelling Tools – Handle with Bevelling Inserts and Combined Bevelling Tool – allow an easy handling to make an adequate edge all over the pipes end.

Bending Spring: By using the Inside- or Outside-Bending Spring adequate radii for radiator-connections in corners can be achieved.

Pressing: Independent from an electrical power supply the pressing of the connections can be done by using the Battery Pressing Tools (for sale and for rent. The rent is Naf.100 per day with Naf.500 deposit). Alternative Dim. 16 mm up to 20 mm can be manually pressed by using the Manual Pressing Tool (for sale).

Welding machine: By using the Heat Element and the exchangeable Welding Tools a safe connection can be rapidly done.

Pipe Uncoiler and Straightener: With the Pipe Uncoiler an easier pipe laying is possible. For an exact adjustment of the pipe the Pipe Straightener can be mounted on the Pipe Uncoiler.

For more information Download these Brochures

To check the pressure of the installation Download this Pressure Protocol