Thermal-Acoustic Panels

Cindurib is the thermo-acoustic roofing panel of trapezoidal profile and available in white, red and green. Cindurib reflects up to 95% of sunlight and reduces noise in the building by up to 20 decibels. It offers maximum protection against the elements, with a structure consisting of seven elements. Cindurib is made from galvanized or non-galvanized steel. It is easy to install and handle, with a yield of 350 to 400 m2 per day.

Cindu panels have received certificates and official recognition worldwide, such as from the Institute of Technological Investigations (INVESTI) for its technical suitability.

Cindu panels are perfect for the climate of Curaçao:

  • 01
    Thermal resistance up to 72 degrees Celsius
  • 02
    Noise reduction up to 20 db vs. zinc
  • 03
    Less energy costs
  • 04
    No need to paint
  • 05
    Easy to install

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